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"Becoming more thoughful about movement lifts your spirits. You are happy and hear yourself laughing!"
for the moment private sessions are suspended due to Covid 19: but it is possible to zoom sessions. please
send me an email to inquire.

Private sessions/Semi Privates

Now offered at Sunset Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Escondido

Both Private sessions (1-2 people) and Semi-Privates (3-5) are 60 minute sessions designed specifically for your body.
They are especially appropriate for people who:
  • Want to develop a home practice or take their practice to a higher level

  • Are recovering from injury or illness

  • Feel shy or intimidated in group sessions


Private sessions and semi privates offer a wide range of benefits: alignment of poses, restorative poses for healing, meditation, visualization or vigorous flow sequences.   

Fee for private sessions 1-2: $95

Semi Privates: 3-5: $125 a month, per person.

Sessions offered in Escondido.

Fee also includes complimentary community yoga classes at the Rancho

Penasquitos Library.


For all students

If you have an injury, please discuss it with Rebecca. Some classes and modifications are not appropriate for certain types of injury. Rebecca can recommend a safe yoga program. Email:



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