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Teacher Training in Crossville, TN:

2021....dates coming soon.
Please reach out if you are


200 Hour Teacher Training/Yoga Immersion

$2695 cash price/$2850 payment plan.

The Laughing Bodies Teacher Training/Yoga Immersion is a course
that will deepen your understanding of yoga and give you the tools
to share your passion, should you so choose.
This training is open to ALL BODIES regardless of your age, experience,
flexibility or knowledge.

You don’t need to know if you want to teach to take the training.   

There are two tracks for this training:

RYS 200 hour approved Teaching certificate,

attendance required at 180 hours, final teaching practicum
and testing


Yoga Immersion certificate, no attendance hours required,
no teaching practicum, not testing

AND it's ok to not know if you want to teach
before you get started.  

A sincere interest in learning about yoga is all that is required. 

A deep study of the various aspects of yoga will be included:






Personal Development

Yoga History

Communication Techniques

Lesson Plan

The Business of Yoga

AND Much more!


My background includes study in multiple traditions.  Therefore you will not be learning one particular style of yoga but rather explore different approaches to postures, meditation and self-study.  Through your personal practice you will find what works for you physically, mentally and creatively.  Knowing what works for you will nourish your personal life and feed your professional life.

The Laughing Bodies TT/Yoga Immersion is a commitment. 

It takes effort to be a student and learn something new so you

may find yourself re-prioritizing during this time.

When we are together you will receive a great deal of

information that will inspire and challenge you.  

The time together will be "intense", yet will also nourish

and stimulate the natural desire to learn and master

he art of yoga.

In between our weekends you will be assigned homework

in the form of reading, personal practice and self-reflection. 

You may also receive support through an accountability

partner and phone calls with me. 

Each group is different so the time apart will be determined by what is best for your group. 

You will be fully supported in our time together as well as the time in between.

We will meet:

Fridays: 4:00-9:00 

Saturdays: 8:00-6:00

Sundays: 8:00-3:00

Location: Crossville Center for Dance

So What Next? 

Complete the application and send to me. 

You can download the application in Word or as a PDF


Word TT application.

PDF TT application.

Pricing Details available to download.  Please review for your options.

Pricing Details in Word
Pricing details in PDF

Schedule a time for us to chat by Skype or phone.

You are invited to add on the Laughing Bodies Fall Retreat offered at the Gray Bear Retreat Center.
This weekend will qualify for 20 hours to your Teacher Training.  It is not required for you to attend, but should you join us you can get a discounted rate of $350 for the full weekend.  Visit retreats page for details or send me an email to inquire.


"Laughing Bodies Yoga Teacher Training with Rebecca Dennis is something that I will be forever grateful I was able to be a part of. With more and more trainings being offered every day, this is one that you can’t find just anywhere.....Kelly Hall ..... for more testimonials
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